Winter Fairytale Tours of the Golden Ring of Russia

Winter Scene of Pokrovsky Convent framed by Birch Tree
«Winter Scene of Pokrovsky Convent framed by Birch Tree» - See photo in Gallery

The old cities on the Golden Ring of Russia are great for visiting all year round – in hot summers, fresh springs, golden autumns, and snowy white winters. Most of the tourists who come to Russia generally associate the country with cold weather and even some think that winters last here all year round. So for many people, especially from warm countries where they don’t have snow, it can be very interesting to see countryside winter scapes, snowy fields, and forests, onion domes of churches covered with snow, icicles hanging from buildings and quaint wooden houses with smoke coming out of the chimneys.

In Golden Ring cities you will have the opportunity for romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride in a city, cross-country skiing through forests or horse riding across snowy meadows. And of course, winter is also the perfect time to try out another Russian tradition – the banya (a Russian sauna), which can be followed by a refreshing leap into snow or even into a hole cut through a frozen pool.

Resurrection Church and Peasant Houses in Snow

During the Russian New Year and Christmas holidays (from end of December – until the middle of January), hotels in Golden Ring cities or guest houses can be completely booked with Russian tourists and school groups, so it is important to book accommodation in advance. No doubt that during big holidays, cultural events or folk festivities the main attractions and popular restaurants can be overcrowded, so probably to save some money and to enjoy quiet atmosphere in winter it will be better to avoid weekends and big holidays.

Entering the Christmas Market in Vladimir Central Park Lipki
«Entering the Christmas Market in Vladimir Central Park Lipki» - See photo in Gallery

Depending on available time, I can plan and organize for you exciting winter fairytale tours of the cities of Golden Ring of Russia for 1, 2, 3 and more days with staying for a night in hotels or guesthouses on our rout different destinations.During the tour you will learn a lot of history from me and the local guides in the cities, enjoy nature, winter landscapes, medieval architecture, delicious Russian cuisine (borsch, pelmeni, Beef Stroganoff and etc). You can try Russian banya, and if you are brave, you can dive in snow. During banya you can try herbal tea from Russian samovar, alcohol not recommend, but after you finish banya, usually hosts treat their guests with Russian vodka tasting supplied with barrel pickles and delicious Russian rye bread.

Panorama of Lavra from Bottom of Blinnaya Hill under Snow
«Panorama of Lavra from Bottom of Blinnaya Hill under Snow» - See photo in Gallery

The closest city to Moscow is Sergiev Posad located 70 km from the capital it is the most popular destination, and the furthest are Kostroma and Ivanovo, located about 300 km. The most popular 2-3-4 day tours I provide for my clients are visiting Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov Velikiy, Yuriev Poslky, Suzdal, Vladimir, Bogolyubovo. If my clients want to see more it can be possible to go further to Yaroslavl and Kostroma with stops in small ancient towns.

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