Fairy-tale Town Suzdal

Amazing tour to a fairy-tale town Suzdal with my repeat client

Today I was in Vladimir and Suzdal with my repeat client and great friend from NY, USA, who came to Russia again to see more sights in Moscow and to discover St. Petersburg. I work with my current client from June 25-29 and again from July 3-7, after her return from the “Venice of the North”. I am currently very busy and sorry for any delays with my replies to your messages.

We completed an amazing day of sightseeing of the two most famous town on the Golden Ring: Suzdal and Vladimir. In only one day we were able to visit the historic and scenic towns of the Golden Ring. It was a 500 km (312 miles) trip that lasted 14 hours and included sightseeing, visits to a museum of wooden Russian architecture and numerous cathedrals and monasteries, lunch in a local restaurant and souvenir shopping.

I am still feeling so excited after the long but rewarding journey that I wanted to post this article and share my story. I f you take a look at the photo of a church with beautiful blue domes you can see the main church of the Suzdal Kremlin. It is my sincere hope that you will enjoy the story and the photo!

As you can guess from this photo, the weather in Suzdal was perfect. It is difficult to believe that at the beginning of the day on our way from Moscow to Suzdal it was pouring rain in Vladimir and only on approach to the ancient town of Suzdal the dark skies open up like a miracle and the sun was shining all around!!! To be continued…

I started a reorganization of my website recently, so I hope that very soon I will be able to post more news and photos. Any ideas in how to improve my website would be much appreciated. I will edit this news later with the posting of more photos from this tour.

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