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keys-how-to-read-russian-visa Many hotels in Moscow provide support for acquiring an entry visa into the Russian Federation. But if you are going to rent an apartment, or if you don’t need accommodations at all during your short layover in Moscow, you may encounter difficulties in obtaining a Russian Visa. The first problem you may run into is that you need to get a visa support document (also known as a letter of invitation) from a licensed organization in Russia before you can apply for a visa at your local Russian embassy or consulate.

For my clients who are going to use my services as private guide, personal driver, and photographer during their short layover in Moscow, I am happy to help you acquire an official invitation letter from my partner, a company that provides accommodations and Russian tourist visa support for visitors to the capital of Russia. The fee for an invitation letter for one person is just $40 USD, the lowest on the market. Processing time is one business day after we have received all the required information from you. You can pay via PayPal, which is fast and safe. Please note that once your request has been submitted, no refund can be issued.

To receive your Russian Tourist Visa Invitation letter, please send us the follow information

PASSPORT: Copy of the main page of your passport.

CITIES: Enter the main cities that you intend to visit and stay in overnight.

DATE OF ENTRY AND DEPARTURE The dates your Russian visa valid for: You can’t enter Russia before your “Date of Entry” and you can’t stay after your “Date of Departure”

Visa Invitation Order

Visa Type (Single / Double / Multiple)

Your Name (Exactly as shown in passport)

  • First
  • Middle
  • Last

Sex (Male / Female)

Date of birth

 Passport Number

 Passport expiration date

 Present citizenship

Country of birth

Travel Information

  • From
  • To

List of Cities to visit

 Russian Embassy or Consulate where you plan to apply for a visa

              City, Country

YOUR Contact Information

  • Full Mailing Address including ZIP (Postal Code)
  • Phone
  • Email

All your information with  your questions or additional requests you can send me on my work email address or in emergency cases text me on my WhatsUp or Viber +7 910 470-7811, Facebook:

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