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Stalin skysraper on Kotelnicheskaya emb., night view from Moskvoretsky bridge One of the most popular tours of my guests is a walk through Moscow at night. This tour helps tourists to see Moscow not as a bustling hive, but as a majestic Empress full of ceremonial glory. The tour lasts nearly for three hours, but at the end of the walk it seems to be gone only an hour. During the excursion around Moscow at night, guests can enjoy not only the beauty of illumination, but also to learn more about the history of the city and its architecture, see  legendary cathedrals, buildings and squares of Moscow, famous over the world, and to make great shots of attractions.

Moscow by Night is full of magic. It is fascinating and enigmatic. Walking through Moscow's streets at night you would never believe that just a few hours before you wandered through the same ones, only in the light of day. It is amazing how the city can change in the glow of night illumination. The incredible beauty of the city at night fascinates.

Excellent illumination turns the capital to the city of a fairy tale, dream-city of the children's book.

Re Square at Cloudy Summer Night A wonderful excursion begins with perhaps the most famous places in the whole Moscow - Red Square, located at the north-eastern wall of the Kremlin. History of Russia's main square has its roots in the end of 15th century. Nowadays, parades and celebrations of important events in the life of the Russian Federation are held at this famous square. At night Red Square stuns with its magnificent illuminations. Solemn and austere in daylight, it looks elegant and festive in the glow of night lights. Our path lies to the Patriarch's Ponds than. There is a beautiful view of the night Red Square, The Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the monument to Peter the Great at this point. Built in Russian-Byzantine style in honor of the victory of the Russian people over Napoleon's troops the magnificent Cathedral of Christ the Savior seems to be a magical castle from a fairy tale, full of mysterious charm. Its white silhouette stands out brightly against the night sky. It seems that the walls of the Cathedral lit from within by the divine light. It is really a stunning effect.

alp-2013-1007-034-luzhniki-stadium-moscow-buildingsNext place that deserves special attention are the Sparrow Hills. There is a unique view on Moscow at night with bird's-eye view from this place - at least 85 meters over of the Moscow-River. Looking at the capital full of illumination, lit by millions of lights, stretching out at the feet, you feel on top of the world. It seems that you are a magician, surveying your luxurious land. You will have the opportunity to see a spectacular view of the Luzhniki stadium - the largest one in Russia and one of the largest stadiums in the world. This stadium was built in 1955-1956 years. It was here the Olympic Games took place and a lot of sport competitions and concerts of well-known artists and bands were conducted. At night the stadium is light up along the whole circular length at night. It seems that the stadium is a great shining pearl in the illumination of thousands of lights. From this point of Moscow you can see the erecting buildings of Financial Center Moscow-City by projects of English architect Norman Foster. Some buildings are ready; some are in the process of erection. Completion is planned for 2015. We all look forward to completion to enjoy the magnificent view of monumental modern buildings at night in the rays of illumination. All of Stalin's skyscrapers, erected in the mid 50-ies by the orders of Stalin are visible from the top of Sparrow Hills, including Moscow State University,Yael and Jay Zif at Moscow State University known for its night laser lights. Each skyscraper has a unique lighting. Panorama from Sparrow Hills is sure to impress guests: dazzling shining of metropolis with millions of lights makes the capital an unforgettable and beautiful. Magic night in Moscow fascinates.

Family photo at Novodevichy Pond during Moscow by Night tour My guests are particularly impressed by the panorama of Novodevichy Convent. This magnificent example of the Orthodox women's monastery was founded in 1524 by Prince Vasily III. There are a lot of stories and legends of Moscow connected with the monastery. It played a prominent role in the cultural life of Russia. Today Novodevichy Convent is both working monastery and a branch of the State Historical Museum. Night walk along the pond will fully appreciate the beauty of the Novodevichy convent at night. Rising above the dark surface of the water, it seems to be full of shining, light and peace. The lights of the five-headed Smolensky Cathedral and the monumental bell tower of the monastery illuminate the dark sky solemnly, cutting through the darkness and giving hope.

Arch of Triumph at Night Three hours driving and walking tour ends in Victory Park on Kutuzov Avenue with a stop near the Arch of Triumph. Victory Park was opened in Moscow in 1995 and is coincided to 50 years of victory over the fascist invaders. The original nighttime illumination of Victory Monument will not leave any spectator indifferent. Excellent coverage of the Arch of Triumph on Kutuzov Avenue, built in honor of the victory over Napoleon in 1812, will complement this impression.

The tour will introduce you to such streets and squares as Tverskaya and New Arbat streets, Pushkinskaya Square, Gagarin’s Square, Lubyanka Square, and October Square. Also you will see such famous buildings in the night illumination, as White House, Former KGB, Stalin’s Skyscrapers, Old building of French Embassy, Bolshoy Theater and many others.

Moscow at night is a truly fascinating spectacle. City Lights beckon and create a holiday atmosphere. If you have seen Moscow at night - you looked into her very heart, saw her real - a beautiful, bright, exotic queen.

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