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Wonderful Moments in Russia

«Wonderful Moments in Russia» - See photo in Gallery
At the end of the past winter holidays (in Russia Dec 30 - Jan 08) I received via post a letter from Olga and Bill Rogers who used my services in Moscow during almost a week (6 days) at the end of June 2007. When I opened a big envelope I was greatly surprised with a handmade calendar with the pictures which Olga and Bill took during their pretty long trip to Russia and Ukraine, and after reading their nicely designed message I remembered all the best moments from our tours to Moscow famous landmarks. I was so exited reading their story, so then I had a thought that it can be interesting not only for me and immediately sent to Olga a message with my request to post it on my website. After receiving their permission, from my side, I decided to make some small gift for them too and during next several next days, in my free time, worked in Photoshop enhancing the picture which I took during our tour to Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra (monastery) in Sergiyev Posad. And now, when it is ready, I am happy to share the both gifts with you:


Dear Arthur:

How better to let you know what we have been doing for part of the year, so this calendar is for you to enjoy and see where we spent one month - mid-June to mid-July. This will be the last calendar we will put out, as it has become too time consuming and a lot of work. We spent 6 days in St. Petersburg, 6 days in Moscow and 9 days in Ukraine. What a fan­tastic trip we had.

Russia was a surprise — nothing like we are led to believe. Big modern cities, people are well dressed, friendly, cheerful, drive big cars, and everyone has a cell phone. We had a car, driver and English guide who knew the city and how to get around in the crazy Moscow traffic. It is easy and safe to travel there on your own, and many speak English.

We then flew to Kiev for 3 days. We could have spent more time there; it is a big city so we will go back to see more of it. I had those few days to refresh and practice my Ukrainian language!! Several years ago I found my Dad's family in Lviv, second largest city in Ukraine. We then began our plans to visit Ukraine to meet them and to also go to my par­ent's village where they had lived. It was very touching to finally meet them and to feel an instant connection. Bill does not understand the language, but somehow that was not nec­essary as he had a terrific time with them. The younger ones do speak English, which was a help for me as well. We can't wait to go backs-for a longer time.

We are both doing well, enjoying our retirement to the fullest. We don't feel we can do any more long trips to Europe — maybe a cruise and short trips will be less tiring - to date we have seen 20 countries!

Wishing you all the joys of the season and a wonderful 2008!!

From: Nanaimo, Canada
Date: December 2007
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