The ultimate guide to driving safely and avoiding distractions

Rush-hour Traffic on Bolshoy Krasnokholmsky Bridge
«Rush-hour Traffic on Bolshoy Krasnokholmsky Bridge» - See picture in Moscow from Car Album

Being able to drive a car is an incredibly useful skill which allows us to quickly and efficiently get from point A to point B. As I drive for a lot of my Moscow tours, I pride myself on being a good and safe driver – my clients wouldn't appreciate getting into an accident on their holidays!

It’s important to note that around 95% of all road accidents can, at least in part, be blamed on human error and 75% of them can be wholly blamed on that, so it’s down to us as drivers to be safer. Here is my ultimate guide to driving safely and avoiding distractions.

Leave your phone alone

Leave Your Phone Alone

The official laws on this are different from country to country, but even if it is something that legal in your country, it is still a bad idea to use your phone while you are driving. This includes making phone calls, checking messages or setting up your maps. Basically, anything where you are not paying full attention to the road and could miss something important is a bad idea!

Don’t let passengers distract you

It is not only the responsibility of the driver to ensure that the journey is a safe one, in fact, the passengers in the car have a role to play too. If the other people in the car are distracting the driver, this could cause an accident and is therefore something that needs to be stopped. For example, children in the back seat arguing and messing around can be really dangerous for the driver and they should be made aware of this.

Be alert

Driving Safely

It can be easy to become a little complacent when driving but this is when accidents happen. If you find yourself feeling a bit tired, or realize you’re not concentrating well, it’s time to pull over and grab a coffee or a nap. Not being alert will reduce your reaction times which can cause issues with braking etc. You also need to be aware of what the other drivers on the road are doing – if you’re not aware of their actions you can’t react to them. 

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