Rush-hour Traffic on Bolshoy Krasnokholmsky Bridge

Rush-hour Traffic on Bolshoy Krasnokholmsky Bridge
«Rush-hour Traffic on Bolshoy Krasnokholmsky Bridge»

Bolshoy Krasnokholmsky Bridge spans Moskva River carrying Garden Ring, the main ring road around downtown, historical center of Moscow city. Moscow's Garden Ring is one of the busiest roads in the city with heavy traffic most of a day, but rush-hour traffic might be often as nightmare for local drivers with many kilometer terrible traffic jams that course transport collapse in the whole city center almost every evening after workday. In spite of quite wide city roads, but due increasing amount of cars every year, it's no surprise that it is considering that Moscow city has one of the worst traffic jams in the world and no wonder that cars became the part of Moscow life and cityscapes.. However, it is true for any big city in the world!

On background of this picture is high-rise tower of Swissotel Krasnye Holmy, 5-star hotel in Moscow managed by Swiss?tel Hotels & Resorts.

Photo #080 taken on November 01, 2013

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