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With Panorama of Moscow Kremlin

«With Panorama of Moscow Kremlin» - See photo in Gallery
Today I met and provided a city tour for two nice Jewish couples from New York, US. We spent this nice sunny hot day very enjoyably and I was able to show and introduce my clients to Red Square, cathedral of Christ the Savior, Moscow Kremlin, Sparrow Hills and Moscow State University, Victory Park and Arch of Triumph, Moscow Metro and some other sites on our route. We also wanted to see the Beit Menachem Synagogue and Jewish Community Center led by the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. Despite having trouble finding the very small passage (street) at first, since it wasn’t on my city maps, we did find it. At the end of the day, after all sightseeing and before going to get dinner, I was even able to show another synagogue in city center – the Moscow Choral Orthodox Synagogue, where I have been several times before with other Jewish clients. They liked the Choral Orthodox Synagogue because of its historical background, beautiful architecture, and decorations, plus a local rabbi provided for us a short tour about its history and life in the local Jewish community. Afterward they invited me to get a dinner together back at the first place, the Jewish Community Center. We visited a local restaurant and for the first time in my life I tried real kosher food. From my clients I also learnt a lot about the life of Jewish people, about Shabbat (??????? , šabb?t) and how they follow all rules. I also was really impressed by how many kids Jewish families have, and that it is considered a very small family if they have 4 kids… As for my clients, one couple has 7 and another 9 kids. I was still quite shocked when Tzippora, who hired my services and has 9 kids told me that she has already 45 granddaughters and grandsons and it’s not the end.. In Russia, the average family has 1-2 or even some families have not kids at all, and it is considered a big family if they have 3 or more kids. So I hope that you understand now why I was shocked by how many kids and grandkids have my American Jewish clients!

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