Wineglass-shaped Street Lamps on Tverskaya with Traffic Lights

Wineglass-shaped Street Lamps on Tverskaya with Traffic Lights
«Wineglass-shaped Street Lamps on Tverskaya with Traffic Lights»

View from a side of Tverskaya street on the wonderful new year decorations at the beginning of the street and Manezhnaya square (red brick building of State Historical Museum in the background) with traffic lights of a few cars in the early frosty morning of the Old New Year in Russia. Russians have a second opportunity to celebrate the informal Old New Year, which falls on January 14th according to the old Orthodox calendar (the Gregorian calendar). Tverskaya street is the main street in the historical center of Moscow city. During the past few years, its street lamps traditionally nicely decorated with garlands in shape of wineglass from the beginning of December month to make it festive and even more bright during the long winter nights. During the winter holidays 2017-2018, the very high light arch in theatrical theme and many illuminated Christmas trees were installed on the Manezhnaya square with Moscow Seasons installations representing 12th months of a year.

Photo #049 taken on January 14, 2018


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