10 days vacation in Novgorod and St. Petersburg from June 27 till July 7

 Today, on June 27, 2011 I am going to visit St. Petersburg by car. I have not been in our “culture” capital for many years, probably from mid of 90s and very excited right now that very soon I will visit our Northern Venice again. On my way to St. Petersburg I planned to make stops near couple of famous lakes, Valdai and Seliger, very popular national parks for Russian citizens, and, of course, going to visit Velikiy Novgorod within couple of days. I am crossing my fingers right now for a good weather and hope to bring back to Moscow lots of interesting photos of Russian countryside and views of the wonderful Russian cities!!!

PS: Even I am taking my netbook in this long distance journey, as you can guess, within the next 10 days I will be having very limited access to internet during, and going to work hard with my correspondence and preparing sightseeing itineraries for new clients who are coming to visit Moscow in July and August right after my vacation. For more efficient communication and exchanging information, you are welcome to follow my tweets and join to my friends in Facebook!

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