Church of St. George on Pskov Hill

The Church of St. George the Victorious (Intercession of the Holy Virgin) on Pskov Hill, Varvarka Street, 12, was built in 1657 after a fire in 1639 on the foundation of an ancient temple. In 1812, the temple was badly damaged in September 1812 during the French invasion of Russia. In 1815-1818 the church was rebuilt with financial backing from the merchant Peter Solovyov. Belltower, refectory, and portico were built upon the original foundation in early neo-Gothic style, and a side altar dedicated to St. Georgiy was erected. The architectural style of the new buildings contrasted sharply with the old church, which was built in the beautiful Russian Uzorochye (pattern-work) architectural style.

In the late 1920s, the church was closed and was repurposed as a warehouse. From 1965-1972, architect E. A. Diedesfeld oversaw the church’s restoration. In the 1970s, the St. George Church (like many other architectural artifacts in Zaryadye) was transferred to the All-Russian Society for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments and was used as a space for temporary exhibitions. After 1991, the church was returned to the Russian Orthodox Church and restored as part of the Zaryadye Park construction.

The church of St. George on Pskov Hill on Varvarka street is the cultural heritage site of federal significance.

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