Opens New (8th) Season of Exciting Guard Mounting Parades

alp-2008-0503-036-bogatyrs-of-presidents-regiment-cavalry-guards-moscow-kremlin Today, on Saturday, April 14, 2012, the President’s Regiment opens a new (8th) season of exciting guard mounting parades that you can see on Saturdays in Moscow Kremlin at noon or in Red Square at 2 pm (last Saturday of a month only) from April till October. It can be also like a point of starting and finishing tourist season in Moscow, Russia.

Reinstated in 2005 by the Russian Government, The Ceremonial Changing of Foot & Cavalry Guards of the President’s Regiment is a spectacular military ceremony dating back to the time of Peter the Great. This amazing 30 minute show captivates the audience with its rifle twirling, saber wielding, “goose stepping” officers, rivaling all similar ceremonial programs in the world.

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