All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VVC, former VDNKh)

VDNKh Stone Flower Decorations Fruits There is an unimaginable amount of historical and cultural memorials in the city of Moscow. And it just gets bigger, as the city grows and expands.

Built on the swampy area on Ostankino, the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition (VSKhV) is now one of the main places sightseeing in Moscow, and it’s been attracting tourist from all over the world from the very beginning. When it was re-opened in 1954 after reconstruction it could rank with Versailles and Petergof.  In 1959 it was restructured and renamed Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy of USSR (VDNKh of USSR). After 1990 VDNKh was renamed again, receiving its current name All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VVC).

The exhibition centre occupies 2,375,000 square meters and has 71 pavilions on it. 46 of VVS objects are in a list of State-protected cultural monuments. Total area used for exhibits is 108,000 square meters and besides that there is an outdoor area of 158,100 square meters to hold exhibitions, public cultural, educational and sports open-air events. The exhibition attracts more than 12 million visitors annually.

VDNKh Fountain Friendship of Nations The territory of All-Russian Exhibition Center is rich in various architectural monuments, many of them are known throughout the world. Most of them were created during the UUSR period and are relics of the Soviet era, representing the architectural views that dominated at different times. Such monuments are: "Worker and Kolkhoz Woman" statue by sculptor Vera Mukhina, fountains "Friendship of USSR Nations" and "Stone Flower", pavilions of the Ukrainian SSR, Uzbek SSR, USSR Mechanization and electrification (Cosmos).

The grand-scale Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy was visited by every eighth inhabitant of the planet in 65 years. There have been stories in the construction the Agricultural Exhibition, quite mysterious, and sometimes even mystical moments. One such story tells that Vyacheslav Konstantinovich Oltarzhevsky (chief architect of the Exhibition) intended to make the exhibition not just the cultural center of the Soviet Union, but also the center of the Universe. If you look at a master plan of Agricultural Exhibition you can see that center of the exhibition, the Mechanization Square, resembles the sun with nine planets around it. According to Oltarzhevsky’s idea, there was supposed to be the figure of Vladimir Lenin in this place. And it’s not the end to the mysteries of the Oltarzhevsky’s plan for exhibition, but only the beginning…  From the Square of Mechanization, as from the biblical Tree of Life, flow four springs, which at the crossing point, as at coordinate system, form the beginning of all beginnings. This system is made with mathematical accuracy – like the Egyptian pyramids – and enclosed in a rectilinear octagon - the Christian symbol of renovation and newfound heavenly bliss. These signs were combined with a huge cross and all sorts of symbols of Buddhist and Hindu mythology. After a small amount of time the chief architect of the All-Russian Agricultural Exhibition was exiled to the Arctic Circle, and the exhibition plan was changed.

For several years after its opening exhibition had been multiplying and never ceased to surprise its many visitors. By the way, whether it was an accident or not, but during the whole war period since 1941 to 1945 not a single bomb has fallen onto the Agricultural Exhibition territory! At the same time, in 1942, the chief architect of the exhibition was liberated and then became a personal adviser on the building construction to the Leader.

For many Moscow’s residents and quests VDNKh is a place of their first date or other romantic meetings. It a place where people can have a walk, go for shopping, see some scientific  and technical achievements from all over the world, or just go and dream for a while, get inspired by good spirit and positive energy.

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