Moscow Hotels - Making the Right Choice

Almost every week I receive questions from my potential clients about where to stay in Moscow. They ask for my advise and my recommendations. The questions are very understandable, because if you compare the prices of Moscow hotelswith those of other famous places in the world, you soon find out that the "western style" hotels in Moscow are the most expensive in the world.

Answering these questions and giving the best possible advice is more difficult than it seems, though... There are so many hotels in Moscow offering a different kind of service. They are situated in different areas and the prices vary a lot, too.

Thinking about how I could possibly help travellers to make the "RIGHT CHOICE", I decided to collect information from my clients on this page about the hotels they stayed at (photos, location, prices etc.) and encourage them to write personal comments about their experience. The popularity showes how many of my clients stayed at a particular hotel.

I hope this helps you to make the "right choice" and I wish you a wonderful stay in Moscow.

Arthur Lookyanov
Your Personal Guide & Driver in Moscow

Data Base, Statistic and Pages of the "Moscow Hotels" by popularity is under construction now. Sorry for inconvenience.

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