We remember our combat Fraternity. Dedicated to our allies in WWII

Combat Allies

«Combat Allies» - See photo in Gallery
On the grounds of the Victory Memorial complex on Poklonnaya Hill called “Victory Park” built in 1995 (at the 50th Anniversary of the Great Victory) to immortalize feat of the people that had defended its Motherland from Hitler invasion are erected many monuments to soldiers and victims of WWII. Among them, on the Alley of Soldiers (behind the main building of the Central museum of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945, the impressive 50-meter high monument to the Anti-Hitler Coalition Countries designed by Mikhail Pereyaslavets  was opened in 2005 (at the 60th Anniversary of the Great Victory).

The huge bronze monument that was erected in the center of Moscow, the capital city of Russia, is dedicated to our friends, the Victorious Allies and Brothers-in-Arms, the French, the Russian, the American and the British Soldier breaks all stereotypes from Western Propaganda about “The Cold War” and proves that we remember our combat fraternity for many years!

It is wonder if there is any monument like this anywhere in Washington, New York, London, or Paris and do you do the same too or you love to suffer from the "Duck & Cover" idiotic drills generated by the notorious silly "Red Scare" paranoia? In truth, we had never had either fear or hatred, because we did NOT consider the West to be our enemy.

Here, in Russia, we say: “No one is forgotten , nothing is forgotten!” 

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