«Beauty of success» — Soviet sport glorified by art

Statuettes of Soviet Skiers in GUM
«Statuettes of Soviet Skiers» - See picture in GUM album

January 30th was the opening night of the “The Beauty of Success. Soviet Sport” exhibition. It was hosted by GUM and held by the Chereshnevy Les Open Arts Festival and Institute of Russian Realistic Art.

This exhibition highlighted Soviet sport and the success that surrounded it. Sport was a big part of Soviet life. There was a lot of success and attention surrounding it, making Sport an object of numerous artworks. Artists glorified the human body, along with its accomplishments. Artists portrayed both, famous athletes, and everyday people.

There were high-tech replicas of Russian realism as well as numerous sculptures on display at the exhibition. The work of such world-renowned masters as Alexander Deineko, Sergei Luchishkin, Yuri Pimenov, Alexander Samohvalov, Dmitry Tugarin, Leonid Soyfertis, Mikhail Dronov, and numerous others, was displayed on the ground floor of GUM. One of the most interesting works was a 1935 poster that advertised winter sports in Soviet Union. It was made by Nikolai Zhukov for the Intourist hotel.

Several well-known faces in the art world and in the sport world also made their appearance. Two of the distinguished guests were Tatiana Tarasova and Irina Slutskaya. Coach Tatiana Tarasova noted that these artworks really portray the huge part that sport plays in our life. She was also pleased that athletes in Sochi would get the opportunity to see the exhibition. Several of the artworks from “beauty of Success” will be on display in Sochi, starting February 6th.  Irina Slutskaya, the figure skating Olympic medalist, said that the exhibition helped her reminisce about the past and about sport during Soviet times.

Several of the works from “Beauty success. Soviet Sport” were also on display at the Sothby’s well-known auction house. They were also shown at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. This exhibition can be found along the first passage of GUM where it will be on display from January 30th to February 27th.

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