Wedding of My Friend in Kiev. Out of Moscow in June 23-28, 2005.

I will be out of Moscow from June 23rd till June 28th, 2005. My friend and web-designer, who lives in Kiev (Ukraine), invited my wife (Olga) and I for his wedding, which will be celebrated on the 25th of June. His name is Stanislav (Stas) and his lovely bride is Irina. Although we have not met in person, we have known each other for over a year via the internet. He is a very talented programmer and designer. The name of his website is: "Miracle Design" and his nick name is "Miracle." There is no question he merits this name, as he has done a lot of wonderful work for me. Two web sites, business cards, promotion and a great deal of practical advice about the internet. But, what I have come to appreciate most is our friendship!

I am sorry to inform you that when I am in Kiev, I will not be able to work on my computer or reply to your messages, but I will try to respond immediately upon my arrival to my home on the 28th of June.

With BEST Regards,
Arthur Lookyanov

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See you in Moscow!