Murderers Became Friends of Much-Praised Democracy on West due Their Guilty Leaders

Leaders of US and Britain with great support of repute news agencies on West are still continuing anti-Russian propaganda and giving upside down information of real events that happened in Georgia. Nowadays, from the side of all western countries they are backing their "friend" in Georgia, Mr. Saakashivilly, whose hands are in blood of recently killed thousands of Ossetians and Russian citizens including kids, woman, old people. They cover the current "democratic" president of Georgia whose mercenary army, sponsored and trained by patrons from West, destroyed hospitals, schools, kinder gardens and zeroed in humanitarian convoys hurried up to help thousands of hurt people. What they think that people on West are blind and they can hide the harsh truth forever to complete their military programs and GEO strategies? Yes, maybe nowadays they don't need Russia as their friend and it can be thrown down to achieve their tasks in curtain regions, but, please, don't say in this case that you do it in honor of peace and democracy, or in your struggle against terrorism. Taking into account how many innocent people in many countries of Europe and Asia were already killed and can be killed in future due the current policy of USA after 9/ 11 I appeal to all people in America and Britain where I have a lot of friends, to stop your governments because of they currently represent and discredit your great countries in the whole World!

In the time, when people in South Ossetia and Abhhazia want to live with Russia and don't want to live with Georgia any more, especially after the current national tragedy, leaders of USA with support of several European countries show that they don't want to confess here and still consider the bloody regime of Saakashivilly as the way of democracy in Georgia, but lets them to remember at least one of founding principles of policy of United States of America is the right for a self-determination!

To all my American clients I told that after crashing of USSR and stopping the cold war our countries became friends and we had the great cooperation from 1991, but looking on the acts of your government it seems that they really want to build new walls between our nations. In honor of what? Bloody democracy? Armaments drive? Win elections? Control natural resources?

Where is your great democracy on West if people cannot say the truth? Watch an interview on Fox News of a family recently returned back to US from South Ossetia:

Brave 12 Year Old Girl and her aunt tried to tell the truth on Fox News about Georgia, but they had to cut them off right in the middle of the account of Georgian aggression even though they had just come from a commercial break 2 minutes prior to that.

Here is the text representation of that interview:

Ossetian Woman: "I want you to know, to whom to blame in this conflict. It is Mr. Saakashvili who started this war, and Mr. Saakashvili who is aggressor, and my people were killed and bombed by him and over 2,000 people were killed in one day..."
Shepard Smith: "Uh, I would never cut you off but we have to go to commercial in 4 seconds..."
Ossetian Woman: "Yes I know, I know you don't want to hear that..."

PS: The Russian News & Information Agency "RIA NEWS" posted today an intereview with Michail Gorbachev, the last leader of USSR, about the current events in Georgia: Gorbachev blames Georgia for provoking war, West for backing it

With sadness and pain in soul,
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