Georgia's Aggression Against South Ossetia is Provocation of the West Against Russia

Couple of days ago, when Georgian Army, recently very well trained by American instructors, invaded into South Ossetia and started to bomb Tszhenvalli, the capital of this small republic, was the worst event that could be happened on the magic day of August 08, 2008 and made upset everybody in World who was looking for opening of Olympic in Beijing. In South Ossetia, the breakaway republic from Georgia, were peacemaking soldiers from both countries Georgia and Russia who served there to keep stability in region.. Recently Saakashvilly promised to make only peaceful negotiations, but he didn't kept his words and under great protection from US and NATO started aggressive act against Ossetians - civilians, kids, women, old people and used really Nazi methods to take South Ossetia by force at late night, when people slept. A lot of civilians from South Ossetia, Ossetian and Russian citizens were killed during massive attack by special forces of Georgia who used recently supplied from USA and NATO guns, heavy weaponry and aviation. South Ossetia was not ready for this storm and almost had not any weaponry to defend itself and as result of beginning of this aggression the capital was down into ruins and hundreds of civilians were killed. This uncivilized act provoked Russia to enter their forces to stop inhuman act and defend lives of her citizens.

Last couple of days, from beginning of Georgian aggression into South Ossetia, I was listening all news with sadness and sorrow about victims, here are some of them:

"What can we talk about with Georgia? How can we forgive burying people alive, burning people, and torturing people with refined methods? After all this, the world is silent and the Georgians continue killing innocent people. Saakashvili doesn’t feel sorry for anybody, even his compatriot Georgians. The notions of "people" and "meat" are not too different for him, and probably he prefers the latter." (from Ossetians and Ossetins)

"Georgia shells hospitals and houses, killing thousands of Ossetians. Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic used to be charged with genocide for the slaughter of several dozens of Albanians." (from PRAVDA.Ru)

I am still shocked from the fact that all media on West started to blame Russia for killed Georgians and even occupation of Georgia. These bald-faced statements made me very disappointed. Russia didn't and don't want this war and now is making all efforts to stop it. Today, it is going genocide of Ossetian people by Georgians and Russia had to defend this small nation and protect Russian citizens, but already more than 2000 Ossetians and many Russian peacekeeping soldiers had been already killed and much more people hurt. Authorities and mass media on West brazen lie about real events using all political tricks in order to solve their internal problems and complete external interests in curtain areas of the World.

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To look on the war in South Ossetia from different side and make your own opinion about the current events no doubt that it can be useful to read some other resources in addition to the news from repute mass media, for example, The New York Times, Reuters, CNN, BBC or others on West, based on falsified reports made by Georgian president Saakashvilli:

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