Ready for Upcoming Winter with Tires from Nokian

During the last week it had been a lot of snowfalls in Moscow and, when the temperature lowered at the end of the week to the -7..-9 C, evidently for everybody, that the winter came to Moscow already. With the fist snow, of course, the traffic situation on the roads became worse and it were happened a lot of traffic accidents with the fist snow and ice on the roads. Car owners started to change the summer tires on the winter ones with studs. Of course, using the studs on tiers not so good for road surface, and to the end of each winter a lot of roads have to be fixed as usual. But during winter season we have a lot of snowfalls and very low temperatures, very often on the roads appeared ice, so on the news during all the week the traffic police recommended to change the summer wheels on the winter ones.

On the last weekend (Sat, 12th), when I had some spare time, I decided that is the time to change the tires on my new car too.. I bought the good winter tires with studs made in Finland, model “Nokian HKPL 4” (very popular and recommended by my friends).. and spent about 500 USD (to buy 4 tires and change them on a car service)… Ye.. not cheap, but for safety it is better to pay in advance to avoid some big problems in future, and having the good wheels here is very important, because of the winters are too long here…

"Drivers, be careful and polite on the roads!" - this slogan related especially to the Russian drivers.

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