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About the latest clients and exceptional story before vacation.


On Vacation in Turkey from September 25 to October 4th, 2010

This special news I would like to start informing my friends and clients that tomorrow I leave Moscow to spend with my wife (Olga) our 10 days vacation in Turkey, not so far from Alanya. We will return back to Moscow on 4th of October and I will have limited access to check my correspondence (emails). Thank you for understanding that I will not be able to reply on your messages on "a fly" because of I also want to relax a bit from my work and big megapolis where always not enough free time for my family and leisure. Our last vacation together was 3 years ago, in September 2007, where we spent great time in Lazarevskoe, in a place not so far from Sochi, located on Black Sea, South of Russia. This year we decided to spend our vacation together in Turkey where I was already 3 times in 90s (quite long time ago), but for my wife it will be a first trip abroad.

About my latest clients and tours before my vacation with exceptional story

During the past 2 days before my vacation I provided my services for a nice couple from Budapest, Hungary, who  are currently visiting Moscow the second time during their business trips to participate in International Trade Fairs for Luxury Travel (MIBEXPO Russia trade fair) that was organized this year from September 21st to 25th in Crocus Expo Center.. In this time, after all official business meetings they had more time for sightseeing and decided to find a guide who could help them to learn more about history of Russia and the best Moscow attractions. After finding my website in Internet they immediately contacted with me via e-mail and after receiving my reply with introduction, prices for my services and availability, they phoned me and booked my services. Yesterday, according their original request, at the first half of the day I provided Moscow city tour and my current clients, Beata and Didier we able to see and learn more about Red Square, Alexander Gardens, Tomb of Unknown Soldier and Ceremony of Changing of the Guards, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, panorama of Moscow Kremlin, monument to Peter the Great, Gorky Park, Novodevichy convent and even Victory Park within 4 hours.

Almost at the end of our 4 hours city tour we stuck in a traffic jam in the area of Kutuzovsky prospect, nearby Victory Park. Right at this time the "Government road" as we call this avenue (West direction to government dachas and Luxury Village) were blocked by police from both sides to give a road to a VIP cortege, probably it was President. The traffic was completely stopped for about 15-20 minutes and right after the cortège passed us, a safety alarm system in my car were destabilized, it was stopped engine of my car and alarm started to produce a noise as like after high jacking, also it's keychain not reacted on any of my manipulations when I tryied to push buttons to deactivate its horn (irritating signal). It took some time when I understood that I can do nothing even when tried to use "a secret button" to reprogram it. Probably it was happened because of on government cars they have powerful high frequency  radio devices that reacted on a very sensible sensor of my car's alarm, so later I had to make a phone call to my car service to find out how I can fix it. The line of my company where I bought my car and where were installed this alarm was very busy and it took more about half an hour when I was able to connect with a right person who gave me instructions what I have to do in this case. After receiving his instruction I was able to start engine of my car in a second.. :)

 I am very grateful, that even solving this problem with my alarm took about an hour in total plus I was a little nervous, but my dear clients calmed me down telling that it is another experience for them and they accepted this extraordinary situation with intelligent consent, even more they always were ready to help me, like pulling my car on a side of the road to give a way for other cars to move.

After this incident my clients asked me to extend our tour because of they still had energy and wanted to see the famous State Treryakov Art Gallery, also the weather yesterday was not so pleasant for sightseeing, rainy with cold wind.. Brrr.. So it would be anyway the best choice to spend the rest of their touristic day in a museum, but before visiting it we definitely needed to recover and to warm up, so we decided to have a lunch first in a local café nearby Tretyakovka (nickname of Tretyakov Art Gallery).

After museum, when we arrived to their hotel, they asked me to provide them tour in Moscow Kremlin on the next morning. Even I had a lot of plans on this day before my departure on vacation to Turkey, I could not deny this nice, cheerful couple from Hungary. Today was much nicer weather, not so warm enough, but blue skies, sun shining and less wind, so we enjoyed all together walking within 2 hours tour inside Moscow Kremlin. During this tour my clients visited and leant more about: Tsar Cannon, Tsar Bell, Arsenal and Senate buildings, Admistartion of our President, Ivan's and Cathedral's Squares, Archangel Michael, Annunciation, Assumption cathedrals, the Great Kremlin and Patriarchy Palaces and also a church of Twelve Apostles.

In Conclusion...

Finishing my hot news I would like to say hello to my all friends and former clients and send them once more the best wishes from Moscow, Russia. I am sorry in advance for all visitors of my website who will try to make a contact with me within the next 10 days and will not receive my reply or answer via my cell phone. From my side I promise to reply for all for sure after I will return back from Turkey. While I am on vacation I will reply on the most important e-mails using my Hotmail [Windows Live Mail] account.

With BEST Regards from Moscow,
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