Season's Greetings with upcoming winter holidays

Winter holidays are very close and the tradition that I have followed for the past few years is to send my seasons greetings to all my former, current and future clients and friends. With the current global economic crisis, the second half of the year was quite intense and stressful for many people across the world and I hope that the next year 2009 will bring us more positive news with stability, peace, prosperity and happiness in our lives!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, your relatives and friends!

This week I was with several of my repeat clients who currently work in Moscow or had a short business trip here just before the holiday. My clients told me that at the end of a the year they are very tired and dreaming about returning home and meeting relatives and friends. As usual, the last month of a year goes faster than the others as people try to finish up their business or household tasks, buy gifts to be ready for the upcoming holidays, or to meet their family and friends. Of course, in the big cities such as Moscow, during this month there are terrible traffic jams on the roads and long lines at the stores with crowds everywhere. People are rushing and a bit nervous to finish their shopping and plans for the holidays. For many people in the world, the winter holidays are the favorite time of the year.

In different countries there are various traditions and customs for Christmas and New Year's Eve. From the request of one of my former clients (currently a very good and close friend), I will share with you how we celebrate New Year's in Russia. If you are wondering why I am first telling you about New Year's Eve and not about the most beloved holiday of Christmas (December 25th), the answer is simple enough and you will find out the reason as you read about our traditions.

Here is my story about the most favorite holiday in modern Russia

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