Starting personal photo-album of "My Family"

An idea to create a special photo album dedicated to My Family at my website appeared long time ago, but I was not sure if it would be interesting and worthwhile to post personal pictures of my family. It might be interesting for visitors looking for personal services, as well as my former clients and friends, to see how I live, new pictures of me, my lovely wife and pets and, of course, some interesting news of our family which I can post with these pictures. I used to provide not only a guide and transportation services, but also became a friend to travelers on whom they can rely upon in an unknown country with different culture, customs and alphabet. I try to stay in touch with many of my former clients and keep our friendly communications. Many of them have been very curious to see more my personal photos, especially of my pets, which lead me to crating this photo album. From today, I will try to post my "family" photos and hope that you find it of interest.

I cannot promise the process of uploading the new pictures into this photo album to be fast because I am quite a busy man with my work, family and several business projects on the Internet; however, I am certain that as it is my desire, I will try to add informative and interesting descriptions, and post only high quality photos.

About Me in Short

Guide, Driver and Photographer Arthur Lookyanov

My name's Arthur Lookyanov, I'm a private tour guide, personal driver and photographer in Moscow, Russia. I work in my business and run my website from 2002. Read more about me and my services, check out testimonials of my former business and travel clients from all over the World, hit me up on Twitter or other social websites. I hope that you will like my photos as well.

See you in Moscow!