Johnny Weir Won Gold Medal at Cup of Russia in Moscow

Today was the second day of competition for Cup of Russia (Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2007/2008 in Moscow) and I was very happy when Johnny told me himself that he is in first place so far in context.

I worked with Johnny about 10 days before the competition for Cup of Russia which started for him yesterday, NOV. 23, 2007. Mostly I worked with him as professional driver, not as a guide - he has visited Moscow many times and knows the city pretty well :-), but everyday he needed transportation to/from ice rink for his practices and for shopping when he had some free time.

It was not so easy to provide transportation for him and his trainer, Galina Yakovlevna, from the hotel Cosmos to the skate rink in THE Olympic Sport Complex because of terrible traffic near the hotel. One bridge on Prospect Mira, a main highway, is being reconstructed, and the traffic in the whole district was almost paralyzed during workdays. But using long "detours" and side-roads, I was able to be on time almost everyday, but honestly it was very hard work and I still feel exhausted after 2 days off. From the first day of competition for the Cup of Russia Johnny didn't requested my services because the Sport Committee of Russian Federation organized special buses for all skaters to the actual competition in the new Ice Palace in Hodynka, where the competition will end tomorrow, NOV. 25.

No doubt, that it was very interesting for me to know the results of this competition, but I have not opportunity to see it on TV because of I have not satellite channels (the competition is currently broadcasting by the main commercial TV company "NTV PLUS"). So, this morning, when Galina Yakovlevna dialed my phone number by mistake, I asked: “How is Johnny". She told me, "He was second in short program and Stephane Lambiel, who took the first place, was excellent!". Of course, second place is a very good result, but following some Russian customs, during this day I tried to use STRONG words and CLENCHED MY FISTS TIGHTS to send support to Johnny. :-)

This evening, I had no patience to wait for the results, so I called his trainer. She responded, "Johnny is nearby and he wants to tell you directly", and she passed the phone to Johnny.

"I am first"

Those were his first words from the phone...

To finish this news from Grand Prix of Figure Skating in Moscow, I would like to say here: Go, Johnny, Go! Good luck for you tomorrow to finish the current competition in this exhibition; good luck for you in two weeks on final in Turin (Italy) and in future figure skating competitions! You are the BEST!

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