Greetings with upcoming Winter Holidays 2006-2007

I think, that the theme of Christmas and New Year gifts is very actual nowadays and everybody trying to get something special for his relatives, friends and co-workers. Of course, the negatives from these customer's activity is the terrible traffic in big cities, crowds in shops, but be patient - at the beginning of January will be pretty quietly... :-)

It could be pretty complicated to send to all my former clients and new friends from many countries the personal greetings with upcoming Winter Holidays.. Of course, during the next several days, for a while I have several days off, I will try to send as many as possible greetings, but I am afraid now that this task will be pretty hard for me and I have not enought time to accomplish this, as I think, important task. So that, I decided to post these greetings on-line with couple of pictures with wood carved Ded Moroz (Russian Santa Claus) and say everybody who knows me and remember my services in Moscow:

  • Have a good time during upcoming Winter Holidays!
  • Merry Christmas & Happy New 2007 Year!
  • Everything the BEST for you, strong health, happiness in your families and… a lot of money to make all your dreams truth!!!

On the pcitures, which I took inside a huge craft market in the Kremlin of Izmailovo (Art City) and uploaded with my greetings, you can see plenty of best examples of wood carved Ded Morozes, a pretty Snegurochka (Snow-Maid) and even one very handsome Snegovik (Eng: Snow Man). By preserved tradition from Middle Ages, these masterpieces are carved with a hand in wood of lime. The average price for these gifts (if they are hand carved and painted by good artists with the fine details) can vary from $50 to $300 and depends of a size of the subject.

1. Wood Carved Ded Moroz #1
2. Wood Carved Ded Moroz #2


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