First Day of Winter 2007-2008

Yesterday was the first strong snowfall in Moscow, about 10 centimeters of snow. Many drivers were not prepared with their winter tires for the winter season, and as a result, there were about 2,000 accidents in the city yesterday, according to the news. I was not prepared also, and by providence escaped a couple of times from damaging my car.

I am currently working with my repeat client, Johnny Weir, a figure skater from USA, who has returned to Moscow again to participate in the competition for the Cup Of Russia. After I dropped him and his Russian trainer off at her apartment near the Metropol hotel, at about 11 pm I ran out to my wife's parent's garage about 50km outside of Moscow to retrieve winter tires for my car. So I returned back to Moscow almost about 2 am, and had to wait in line in a service station until 7 am to change the wheels on my car. After changing the wheels I returned back to my home, took care of our pets, had a small breakfast and by 9 am was already near Metropol hotel, ready to drive my client to the skate rink to practice. What a day.

PS: I am working with Johnny this time quite long - from 12 to 26 of November. The first week Johnny is going to train hard under supervision of Russian trainer Galina Yakovlevna Zmievskaya and he will start competition for the Cup Of Russia approximately from November 22nd. Let's cross our fingers for good luck for Johnny!

Here is my photo with Johnny Wieir taken in 2005 in GUM.

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