Rusty Gaspard
photo corners Excited to visit Moscow, Russia Again
«Excited to visit Moscow, Russia Again» - See photo in Gallery
Rusty Gaspard
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    Travel to Moscow and Samara
  • Tour:
    Moscow city tour
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    Sofiyskaya Embankment
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Photo taken during short shopping tour around the city after arrival to Moscow from Sheremetyevo airport, right before checking into rented apartment. It was his second visit to the Moscow city on his way to Samara. Last time Rusty was in Moscow in 2006, but he didn't forget my services and decided to contact me again. :-)
I highly recommend Arthur’s services for anyone visiting Moscow, whether for business or pleasure. Not only is he an excellent driver, but he is also very knowledgeable about Moscow’s attractions and history. Arthur is also a very good photographer. Best of all, Arthur speaks fluent English and is very patient and understanding with foreigners.
Rusty Gaspard
From: USA
Date: 2014-07-11 08:04:38

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