Per Arne Totland
photo corners Portrait on Patriarchy Bridge with Panorama of Moscow Kremlin
«Portrait on Patriarchy Bridge with Panorama of Moscow Kremlin» - See photo in Gallery
Per Arne Totland
  • From:
    Oslo, Norway
  • Trip:
    Travel to Moscow, Russia
  • Tour:
    Personal City Tour
  • Where:
    Patrairchy Bridge near Cathedral of Christ the Savior
  • Date:
Norwegian writer, Per Arne Totland, came to Moscow, Russia in order to research some of the locations in the city where events will be played out in his new novel in the years 1920-1924.
As part of background research for a new novel, I needed someone to take me around to the sites in Moscow where some of the events in the story takes Place.

Arthur proved an excellent choice. Nor only does he know his way around Moscow, he also willingly shares his vast knowledge of the city's past. Furtheremore, Arthus is a very nice guy to spend a day with!

Per Arne Totland
Per Arne Totland
From: Norway
Date: 2014-03-23 08:11:12

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