Allen and Leann Almquist
photo corners At Memorial Cross "SOFRINO" with St. Seraphim
«At Memorial Cross "SOFRINO" with St. Seraphim» - See photo in Gallery
Allen and Leann Almquist
  • From:
    Macon, Georgia, USA
  • Trip:
    Travel, river cruise between St. Petersburg and Moscow
  • Tour:
    Sergiev Posad and Sofrino
  • Where:
    At Memorial Cross "SOFRINO" with St. Seraphim
  • Date:
Arthur, thank you for your patience as well flexibility in getting us to all the Orthodox sites we could fit in. The trip to the church supply stores (especially Sofrino's) was exciting for us and, hopefully, fun for you. Now you can take other Orthodox tourists to these hot spots for vestments, icons, and other Russian Orthodox "souvenirs". The St. Sergius Lavra was outstanding, as well as Christ the Saviour Cathedral and all the other "domes" . . . we enjoyed our time with you and will enjoy our photos for years to come. All the best.
Allen and Leann Almquist
From: USA
Date: 2012-09-08 13:22:03

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