Monument to the Fallen Miners of Mezhdurechensk

Monument to the Fallen Miners of Mezhdurechensk
«Monument to the Fallen Miners of Mezhdurechensk»

Front view of the impressive “Miner's Glory Memorial” in Mezhdurechensk founded in the local city park in 1996 and opened in 2001. Sculptors: A.P. Khmelevskoy, P. Sedinin, E. Potehin. The memorial complex is the first and one of the largest monuments to miners in Russia, to all people associated with coal.

The memorial consists of two parts. The central part glorifies the hard work of miners. The sculpture of the miner on the pedestal, holding the coal seams, and two steles fastened with the “Eye of Fate” symbolize the hard work of the representatives of this profession and their desire for new achievements and victories. The two wings of the memorial symbolize the rearing earth disturbed by the hands of the miners. The cast-iron lanterns are installed around the perimeter of the complex, as a tribute to the history of mining work, made in the style of kerosene mining lamps.

Photo #222 taken on June 17, 2019

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