Ancient Vaults, Windows and Furniture of Cross Chamber

Ancient Vaults, Windows and Furniture of Cross Chamber
«Ancient Vaults, Windows and Furniture of Cross Chamber»

Gilded vaults, multicolored mica windows and ancient furniture, - the unique 17th century interior of the Cross Chamber in Terem Palace, the residence of Russian rules in Moscow Kremlin up until the reign of Peter the Great.

The preserved three-story Terem (or “Tower Chamber”) Palace was built in 1635-37 during the reign of Russian Tsar Michael Romanov on the top of an existing two-level structure dating back to the reigns of Vasily III (Basil III) and Ivan the IV The Terrible (16 century). The Palace was Beautiful multicolored mica windows were crafted by the artist Ivan Osipov. Architects define the look of the Terem Palace as a motley blend of old Russian and Italian architecture (called “Lombardian” in medieval Russia).

In the Cross Chamber (room), in Russian: Krestovaya Palata, the Tsar (Czar) received his blessing from a priest in the morning, and discussed affairs of the state, sitting on the throne, in the afternoon. Sometimes the Tsar would receive foreign ambassadors here, but only those representing Christian nations. In different times Krestovaya Palata (Cross Room) was called “Gostinnaya” (Living Room), “Dumnaya” (duma, thinking, brooded room) , “Sobornaya Palata” (Cathedral Chamber).

Photo #032 taken on September 29, 2018 during VIP tour of the Grand Kremlin Palace with my dear clients from USA, Jeffrie and Harry van Loveren.

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