Light Reflections in the Splendid St. Alexander Hall

Light Reflections in the Splendid St. Alexander Hall
«Light Reflections in the Splendid St. Alexander Hall»

Interior of Alexandrovskiy (St. Alexander's) Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace with the view on the splendid golden decorations at the entrance doors, its walls and windows and light reflections on its magnificent floors inlaid with rare and precious woods in an intricate design. This room is dedicated to the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky, established by Catherine I (the second wife of Peter the Great) in 1725. The six oblong paintings, three each above on either side of the door illustrate the highlights from the life of Alexander Nevsky, including the 1242 Battle of the Ice and his refusal to worship pagan idols in the Golden Horde. In this room, the emperor would be greeted by Moscow’s best ladies. Today, members of the State Council hold their meetings in St. Alexander Hall.

Photo #084 taken on September 29, 2018 during VIP tour of the Grand Kremlin Palace with my dear clients from USA, Jeffrie and Harry van Loveren.


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