The Golden Gate – Historical Emblem of Vladimir

The Golden Gate – Historical Emblem of Vladimir
«The Golden Gate – Historical Emblem of Vladimir»
The western gate of the ancient Vladimir city in accordance with ancient tradition was called the Golden Gate (In Russian: Золотые Ворота / Zolotiye Vorota). Constructed in 1158-1162 it became the main entrance into the old town protected with mighty earthen ramparts, wooden towers and walls. The gate is of exceptional interest as an extremely rare example of medieval military defensive architecture. The Golden Gate has the form of a four-sided tower with a high arched passageway and a military platform above. In the center of the platform there is a small Church of Deposition of the Robe. The passageway used to be closed by the great oak doors bound with gilded copper. Within this triumphal arch citizens swore fealty to the prince, welcomed honored guests and bid farewell to the men that went off to war. During the years of war the tower of the Golden Gate turned into an impenetrable fortress. Now, it stands in the middle of the main road of Vladimir city, joining Dvoryanskaya street and Bolshaya Moskovskaya streets and forming the traffic circle around it. In present time only the central cube with the arch remains from the original building; all the rest was added in the 18th century. In the former church above the arch is an exhibition dedicated to Vladimirers (citizens of Vladimir) who became heroes by defending their homeland, from medieval times until the 20th century. The Golden Gate in Vladimir is highly valued as architectural monument of medieval Russia; it is included into the World Heritage List and protected by UNESCO. Museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00, and is closed on Thursdays. Photo #032 taken on August 17, 2010 during one-day countryside tour of the Golden Ring of Russia (Vladimir – Bogolybovo – Suzdal) with my Dear client from USA, Robert Monfrini.

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