Panorama of the Trinity Church and Dvoryanskaya Street

Panorama of the Trinity Church and Dvoryanskaya Street
«Panorama of the Trinity Church and Dvoryanskaya Street»
View of the Trinity Church standing on Dvoryanskaya street (house 2) from museum’s gallery of the Golden Gate of Vladimir. It is one of the latest churches in pre-revolutionary Vladimir. The church of the Holy Trinity was built to mark 300-year anniversary of the Romanovs' imperial house by design of architect S.M.Zharov in 1913–1916 in pseudo Byzantine style (with an emphasis on Russian Revival, though). It was constructed from local red brick at the expenses of the old believers community and locals called it “Red Church” since the color of its bricks. The building consists of two volumes connected with one another i.e. a church and a bell tower. A high silhouette with a stepped upper part is topped with a helmet-shaped dome, the western part, i.e. the bell tower is a little bit lower. The Trinity Church saw services within its walls up to 1928 when it was closed. In the 1960s there was a suggestion to destroy the building, but thanks to the general public efforts the structure was preserved. In 1971–1973 the church was restored. Since May 1974 the high interior of the early 20thcentury Church near the Golden Gate proved perfectly suited for collections of crystal from Gus-Khrustalny, embroidery and painted lacquered boxes from Mstyora. Dvoryanskaya ulitsa (Eng: Nobleman’s Street) shows direction to Moscow city. Photo #014 taken on August 17, 2010 during one-day countryside tour of the Golden Ring of Russia (Vladimir – Bogolybovo – Suzdal) with my Dear client from USA, Robert Monfrini.

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