The Church of the Intercession on the Nerl

The Church of the Intercession on the Nerl River is the one of the most famous architectural monuments in Vladimir region built in limestone in 1165. It stands on a small hill among extensive water-meadows a mile from Bogolyubovo. The church can only be reached on foot, along a path.

The church was erected to commemorate a victorious, yet sad campaign against Volga Bulgaria during which Great Prince of Vladimir Andrej Jurievich Bogolubsky lost his young song Iziaslav. Majestically grand and gleamingly white, the secret of the church’s attraction lies in its perfect proportions. From a distance it looks like a beautiful piece of sculpture. The reflection of the church in the shifting surface of the water calls to mind legends of drowned cities. The facades of the building are decorated with stone carving that is full of complex religious symbolism.

Like any other ancient creation, the Intercession church on the Nerl River has suffered losses: it no longer has an encircling arcade, step leading up to the choir galleries, or frescoes. Indeed only fortunate circumstances have saves it from total distraction.

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