Bronze Cannons and Damascus Tower

Bronze Cannons and Damascus Tower
«Bronze Cannons and Damascus Tower»

Shining in the sun are these old bronze cannons on improvised stone gun carriages at the right side of the main entrance into New Jerusalem Resurrection Monastery. In the background is Damascus tower, one of the eight towers of the famous monastery on the River Istra. The impressive tower was built during construction of the architectural ensemble of Resurrection monastery during the second half of the 17th century, and served as a part of the monastery’s fortifications. This monastery in the Moscow region, often called “Russian Palestine,” recreates the Holy Land of the Christians. The tower received its name in the 18th century in honor of Damascus, one of the ancient cities of the world whose history directly connects with many chapters of the Bible. According to Holy Tradition, in Damascus Cain killed his brother Abel, the apostle Paul was baptized, and the tsar Nimrod found refuge there.

Photo #148 taken on May 30, 2008 during Moscow countryside tour to the New Jerusalem monastery with my Dear clients from Belgium, Bert Nys and Kazuko Kawabata.

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