Krasnye Vorota (Red Gate)

Krasnye Vorota (Red Gate) station on the Sokolnicheskaya Line of Moscow Metro was opened on May 15, 1935. It is one of the initial ten, the oldest stations of the Metro. The station is located between Chistye Prudy and Komsomolskaya stations on the Garden Ring in the historical center of Moscow city. The station is called after the Red Gate erected in 1753-1757 by architect Dmitry Ukhtomsky to commemorate the decisive victory of Peter I of Russia, also known as "the Great," over the Swedish forces at Poltava. The station was built in proletarian classicism, the style so popular in the 1930s, with its simple, clear and impressive forms, by design of chief architect Ivan Aleksandrovich Fomin. Like all deep-level stations of the “first stage”, Krasnye Vorota is three-vaulted. The pylons of the stations are faced with rare dark-red Georgian “Shrosha” marble. In 1938 the station won a Grand Prix at the Paris World Fair.

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