Lybyanka Building – The Former KGB Headquarters

Lybyanka Building – The Former KGB Headquarters
«Lybyanka Building – The Former KGB Headquarters»

The Lubyanka is the popular name for the former KGB headquarters and affiliated prison on Lubyanka Square in central Moscow. It is a large Neo-Baroque building with a facade of yellow brick designed by Alexander V. Ivanov in 1897 and built in 1898as the headquarters of the All-Russia Insurance Company. Following the Bolshevik Revolution 1917, the structure was seized by the government for the headquarters of the secret police, then called the Cheka. The center of Lybyanka square in front of the building was dominated by a statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky (called “Iron Felix”), founder and the symbol of the first communist secret service in Russia. The building was extended by Soviet architect Aleksey Shchusev from 1940 to 1947. In present time Lybyanka building is now the headquarters of the Border Troops, and it also contains a single Federal Security Service (FSB) Directorate.

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