Hypercube Skolkovo – The Transformer Building

Hypercube Skolkovo – The Transformer Building
«Hypercube Skolkovo – The Transformer Building»

Hypercube is the first building on the Skolkovo Innovation Center territory. It is a transformer building with an interactive facade, scavengers and a drone laboratory, built on the former greenhouses of the Zarechye state farm.

Skolkovo “Hypercube” is a seven-story building of cubic shape, on the concrete walls of which an outer frame is mounted, which allows changing facade structures to more modern ones if required. Now, most of the external space is occupied by a media facade made from a stainless-steel mesh. Information (such as news) and images are projected onto it.

Solar panels are installed on the roof and upper floors of «Hypercube», which help to generate energy for power supply of lighting devices in technical rooms. The Parans system's light traps turn after the sun and deliver sunlight through the optical fiber to the middle of the building.

Water is supplied to the building from an artesian well, and half of the required water is rainwater. For irrigation plants, the building has its own purification and reuse system of domestic wastewater.

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