Skolkovo Business Center Matrex (Matryoshka) – Winter Scenery

Skolkovo Business Center Matrex (Matryoshka) – Winter Scenery
«Skolkovo Business Center Matrex (Matryoshka) – Winter Scenery»

Winter scenery of the business center Matrex in Skolkovo Innovation Center in Moscow.

The Matrex Business Center, which the people lovingly and very accurately nicknamed "Matryoshka", is a visiting card and center of attraction in Skolkovo.

This is unique in complexity architectural object, built in the shape of a truncated pyramid, designed by Boris Bernasconi Bureau.

The project of the multifunctional public building used large-sized aluminum doors with glazing by ALR Glazing. The uniqueness of the Hörmann solution for this project is that the plane of the opening, as well as the plane of the door leaf with guides, has the same angle of inclination.

In the center of the building is an atrium shaped like a Russian nesting doll (matryoshka), with transformable stalls, a balcony, and lodges. Above the hall is a spiral ramp, which is the exposition space of the Innovation Museum. At higher levels, along the walls of the building are offices for residents of innovative companies. There is also an official residence, a fitness center with a swimming pool, and a restaurant with a viewing platform.

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