In a Living Room of a house of Rich Peasant

In a Living Room of a house of Rich Peasant
«In a Living Room of a house of Rich Peasant»

Nice picture of a woman (worker of Suzdal museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasants' Life) in national Russian dress sitting in izba, the living area of a peasant house, on a bench near window. It is the house of "Well-to-Do" (rich) peasant of 19th century. At the right corner from the window – usually called “Krasny Ugol” (Red/Beautiful Corner) you can see shelf with icons (also might be called as “icon corner”). In Russian language “Krasny” means not only the red color, but “Beautiful” (the same meaning as like Krasnaya Ploszhad - Red Square means Beautiful square). At the right from a table covered with nice tablecloth can be seen sewing machine on a bench and hanging above it “Thunder” Lamp – the attributes of the “city culture” and wealth that came into peasant life after eradicating serfdom in 1861. The peasant household lost its own semi-natural character and went into sphere of capitalist relations, that caused differentiation of peasants on 'well-to-do' (rich), middle and poor.

Photo #285 taken on March 13, 2014 during tour of the museum of Wooden Architecture And Peasants' Life in Suzdal.

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