Stone Crafted Posad House of 17th Century

Stone Crafted Posad House of 17th Century
«Stone Crafted Posad House of 17th Century»
The brick building dating to the end of seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries stand across the road from the St. Euthymius monastery of Our Savior in Suzdal. It is very rare monument of a stone crafted living house in Russia. It was called the Posad house, because of the house, when it was built in 17th century, was located in a settlement near the monastery adjoining to the town (kremlin), but outside of it. As usual posad settlements were inhabited by craftsmen and merchants and was its own distinct communities, separate from the city it adjoined. Interior of the stone crafted Posad House has been reconstructed as it was when its owner, who was engaged in the production of kalachi, a Russian variety of white bread, and in catering (kharchevny), lived there. Photo #361 taken on August 28, 2013 during long distance countryside tour of Suzdal with my Dear clients from Australia, Liz and Rob Adams.

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