Snow-Covered Walkway to the Tent-Roof Church of Dormition

Snow-Covered Walkway to the Tent-Roof Church of Dormition
«Snow-Covered Walkway to the Tent-Roof Church of Dormition»

Winter walk to the sixteenth-century refectory Church of the Dormition (Assumption) at the grounds of the St. Euthymius Monastery covered with snow. The church is a rare example of Russia tent-shaped architecture. It is very slender and was even more impressive originally when there were two more “tents” over the side apses.

The Church of Dormition is combined with refectory building (behind the church) that was used for everyday meals of the monks. In present time the spacious interior of the first floor of the Church houses the exhibition called “the Museum of Russian Naive Art”.

Photo #380 taken on November 28, 2015

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