Pavlovskaya Sloboda Estate

The Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Pavlovskaya Sloboda estate is one of the most "attractive" sights and interesting notable historical sites that you should definitely visit in the vicinity of Moscow. The history of this village goes back many centuries. In the land survey document of 1504 of Ivan III “The Great”, local historians for the first time find a mention of this village and the name of one of its first owners - Yakov Morozov. The Annunciation Church that has come down to us, preserved in Pavlovsky, experts date 1661-1662 years. The church was erected in the courtyard of the tsarist "uncle" Boris Ivanovich Morozov. It had the side-altars of the Prophet Elijah and St. Nicholas of Myra.

The amazing beauty and completeness of the huge church complex in the village of Pavlovskaya Sloboda, consists of the Church of the Annunciation built in 1662 with a bell tower, the gate church of Joseph Volotsky, a spacious refectory, a house church in the name of the royal passion-bearers, an extensive library, a chapel of Cyril and Methodius, an Orthodox gymnasium.

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