Light Show on Pushkinsky Pedestrian Bridge

Light Show on Pushkinsky Pedestrian Bridge
«Light Show on Pushkinsky Pedestrian Bridge»

The new pedestrian bridge over the Moscow River is called by the name of famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. This year it became part of the light show during the 5th International Festival “Circle of Light” 2015. This pedestrian bridge connects Pushkinskaya and Frunzenskaya embankments in the area of Gorky Park where was an opening ceremony and the one of stages of the light show on the building of Ministry of Defense of Russia. On the opening ceremony of the light festival, Spectacular fireworks by Italian pyrotechnists were fired from four barges from the river, right here in front of the bridge.

Pushkinsky pedestrian bridge was built in 1999-2000 with structural elements old 1907 year Andreyevsky (St. Andrew) Rail Bridge, city planners re-used it as a structural core and arch for the new pedestrian bridge. On the picture it is the moment, when during the light show, the bridge was highlighted in colors of the Russian national flag - white, blue and red - and powerful spotlights lit up the sky.

Photo #441 taken on October 03, 2015

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