Row of the Twelve Individual Tombs Along the Kremlin Wall

Row of the Twelve Individual Tombs Along the Kremlin Wall
«Row of the Twelve Individual Tombs Along the Kremlin Wall»

The row of the twelve individual tombs behind the Mausoleum (immediately to the right) along the Kremlin wall in the summer season. Here were buried Mikhail Suslov (Soviet statesman during the Cold War), Josef Stalin (Georgian revolutionary and Soviet politician, Leader of Soviet Union), Mikhail Kalinin (Bolshevik revolutionary and a Soviet politician), Felix Dzerzhinsky (Bolshevik revolutionary and official), Leonid Brezhnev (Soviet politician, Leader of USSR), Andrey Zhdanov (Soviet Communist Party leader and cultural ideologist), Yakov Sverdlov (Bolshevik party administrator and chairman of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee), Mikhail Frunze (Bolshevik leader, Red Army commander), Konstantin Chernenko (Soviet politician, Leader of USSR), Semyon Budyonny (military commander), Yuri Andropov (KGB chairman, Leader of USSR), Kliment Voroshilov (Soviet military officer and politician). The second bust from grey granite is the grave of J.V. Stalin.

Beautiful Nikolskaya tower of Moscow Kremlin is in the background of the picture.

Photo #010 taken on August 24, 2017 during the tour of Lenin’s Tomb and Necropolis on Red Square with my Dear clients from Australia, Geoffrey and Susan Stacey.

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