Beheaded Statue in front of Dubrovitsy Church at Twilight

Beheaded Statue in front of Dubrovitsy Church at Twilight
«Beheaded Statue in front of Dubrovitsy Church at Twilight»

Composition with beheaded sculpture and the Church of the Theotokos of the Sign at Dubrovitsy Estate.

The church, located in the village of Dubrovitsy on the southern outskirts of Moscow (Podolsk district), was built in an unmistakably Catholic and ornate Baroque style by Italian masters in 1690 according to the order of prince Golitsyn, a teacher of Peter the Great. It became Russia’s first “window on the West” shortly before the new capital of St. Petersburg was founded on a swamp near the Baltic sea. On its completion the Patriarch of Russia refused to bless the building. It was baptized only at the beginning of 18th century, in 1704, one year after foundation of St. Petersburg.

Photo #203 taken on May 08, 2016

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