Prince Vladimir Monument and Pashkov House after Snowfall

Prince Vladimir Monument and Pashkov House after Snowfall
«Prince Vladimir Monument and Pashkov House after Snowfall»

Side view from the down of a hill on the 17-meter monument of Prince Vladimir of Kiev in the background of Pashkov House after snowfall in early spring day. The monument to the prince who brought Christianity to the Russian lands in the 10th century (official date 988 AC) was unveiled on 4 November 2016. The height of the bronze sculpture, from the bottom to the top of the cross is about 15 meters and together with the pedestal - about 17.5 meters. Pashov house was constructed on the top of Vagankovsky hill, not far from the western wall of the Moscow Kremlin, in 1784—1786 by a Muscovite nobleman, Pyotr Pashkov. It’s beautiful classical design has been attributed to the prominent Russian architect Vasily Bazhenov. In the present time, the Pashkov House is part of the complex of buildings of the Russian State Library. Currently, it houses a music and music department and a manuscript department, which opened to visitors in 2009 after the completion of a 20-year reconstruction of the famous mansion.

Photo #631 taken on March 15, 2020 during the Moscow City Tour with my Dear clients from Australia, Jeff and Helen Wiltshire.

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