Mosaic Panel 'Pereyaslavl Rada on 8/18 January 1654'

Mosaic Panel 'Pereyaslavl Rada on 8/18 January 1654'
«Mosaic Panel 'Pereyaslavl Rada on 8/18 January 1654'»

Fragment of interior of the Kievskaya-Ring station that was designed by a team of architects and artists from Ukraine and opened on March 14, 1954, to commemorate the tercentenary of the Ukraine joining with Russia (1654-1954).

The rich foliate d?cor and eighteen mosaic panels give the station an opulent, even somewhat dashing air. The panels take up the whole central section of the pylons, spreading smoothly onto the vaults. Each mosaic is placed in an opulent moulded frame with Ukrainian ornamental motifs. The panels illustrate the history of Russo-Ukranian relations from the Pereyaslavl Rada (Council), when the Zaporozhian Cossacks decided to join Moscow and swore on oath ofallegiance to the Russian tsar in 1654, to the revolution 1917 and the new country’s peaceful life. The sketches for the mosaics were by A.V. Mizin, a corresponding member of the Ukrainian Academy of Architecture, who worked with a team of assistants.

Photo #055 taken on July 05, 2015

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