Walking on Pedestrian Klimentovsky Passage

Walking on Pedestrian Klimentovsky Passage
«Walking on Pedestrian Klimentovsky Passage»

Klimentovsky (St. Clement’s) passage is one of new pedestrian zones in historical center of Moscow city located in Zamoskvorechye (can be translated as “Behind the Moskva River”, area located at other side of Moscow River from the Kremlin), not far from the famous State Tretyakov Gallery (Russian national art gallery).

The recently renovated lane (in 2013) was paved with coble stone and nice old style street lamps. On the picture is the view from the passage on the impressive St. Clement's Church located on junction of Pyantitskaya street and this lovely walking lane which name dedicated also to the Roman Pope, St. Clement I. The massive five-domed two-storey church was built in 1762- 1769 and used to dominate the skyline of Zamoskvorechye. The church was closed and badly devastated in Soviet times. In 2008 they started restoration and renovation works was finished also in 2013, when the zone of Klimentevsky lane got a new look and became walking zone.

Photo #009 taken on May 18, 2014 during sighseeing and shopping with my Dear client from USA, Rusty Gaspard.

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